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A brand new look.

by Ethan Wanoreck

by Ethan Wanoreck


Today, Arkto Digital unveiled a brand-new look for it’s website and online store.
One that’s fresh, colorful and easy to use. 

We hope that you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

We’ve announced a celebratory sale on website hosting packages – now 50% off if you use code NEWARKTO through October 30th.

Also, a change in website design pricing has been made. Formerly priced per hour of work, now website design is priced at monthly subscription plans with varying features.

We hope these new plans help bring beautiful and affordable design to everyone.

You can view these plans here.

As always, we welcome any feedback regarding the new website or anything else to [email protected].

Thanks for reading, cheers!

We're celebrating a brand new website!

Now through October 30th get 50% off all website hosting plans.

Use code NEWARKTO at checkout.