Ethan Wanoreck

Co-Founder • Director

Hey there, I’m Ethan.

I was born with an eye for detail. I’ve been working with graphic design over the last 5 years and like most people, my skills have have improved over time. It’s my personal mission to make the world a more eye-appealing place, in terms of design. 😉

I am a father to a cat and a dog (pictured below), BB, the cat is about 4 years old and Rolo, the dog is almost a year old.

In my free time you’ll probably find me endlessly scrolling TikTok or playing a game. Some of my current favorites are Dead by Daylight and Among Us.

I own Arkto Digital LLC. and I’m also the Sr. Designer, if you have any questions or would like to chat, feel free to reach out to me!