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These documents protect our customers, their data, and provide insight as to how Arkto Digital operates.

Privacy Policy

What Arkto Digital collects from our users and how we use that data.

Website Hosting Policy

Terms and Conditions for Website Hosting customers.

Website Design Plans

Terms and Conditions for Website Design Plan customers.

Website CMS Terms of Use

Website Design Plan customers are bound by these Terms of Use of our CMS.

Refund Policy

Outlines the guidelines for refunds for specific products and services.

Upfront Payments Policy

Outlines the guidelines for paying upfront for a product or service.

Copyright & Trademark Infingement

Outlines the process for reporting infringement and how Arkto handles it.

Suspensions & Terminations

Outlines the process for which Arkto decides to suspend or terminate a customer or their active products/services.

Business VOIP Terms of Use

Terms of Use for Business VOIP Phone Service customers.

Coupons, Promotions and Sales

The terms for using coupons, promotions and sales with our products.

Pro Services Agreement

Outlines guidelines for our Pro Services such as graphic and web design.



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