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View the frequently asked questions about Arkto.

Arkto is a digital solutions company that primarily conducts business-to-business transactions. But we also work with individuals and professionals. Our services originally included graphic design but have expanded to also include website design, website hosting, domain name registration and business IP phone service.

Our sub-brand Arkto Games offers game server hosting for popular gametypes including Minecraft, Rust, Terraria and more.

Arkto is a virtual company, we conduct business online. We do not have a physical office location. Our mailing address is PO Box 61522, San Angelo, TX.

Arkto, or Arkto Digital LLC., is a registered limited liability company in the state of Texas with a right to transact business. Arkto also holds a Sales and Use Tax Permit with the right to charge and collect sales tax.

Arkto’s entity number is 803978882 and our Tax ID number is 32078293019.

Arkto Digital is directed by Ethan Wanoreck, CEO – [email protected]
Arkto Games is directed by Jack Arildson, President – [email protected]

Arkto Games is a dba of Arkto Digital LLC.


View the frequently asked questions about website hosting and website design.

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If you’ve reached your two-year commitment end, you can request ownership of your website files and have the ability to download them.

If you have not reached the two-year limit, you can pay the remaining months of service to reach the two-year limit.

If you do not have a website design plan, and you have shared website hosting, you can already access your files at anytime.

Graphics & Marketing

View the frequently asked questions about graphic design services, print and marketing.

We primarily work with digital and print graphics. Including logos, advertisements and text-based materials. We do not create illustrations, paintings or hand-drawn materials.

We charge for design work by the hour at $30.00. Often times we run promotions that will give you a discount of some kind – be on the lookout!

For design work, we typically complete a project within an hour. It all depends on the content, complexity and revisions of the project.

Our pricing is always rounded up. If it takes us 45 minutes to complete a project, it’s charged at an hour. If it takes us an hour and 25 minutes, it’s charged at 2 hours.

This allows us to offer clear pricing points and allow room for revisions.

No, we only create designs for the print materials. We outsource printing to other companies (such as FedEx Office) or leave it up to the client to print themselves.

You can either pay at the end of the project. Or you can pre-pay for a certain number of design hours and then request designs whenever you need.
(e.g. Suzy pays for 8 hours of design work on Monday and she can request a postcard design, social media designs and more until she reaches the 8 hour total.)

Clients will pay before they receive the final design, failure to complete payment for design work can result in a ban from our services and criminal prosecution.

Business Phone

View the frequently asked questions about business phone service.

Arkto Phone is a fully featured, affordable, subscription-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solution. Arkto Phone is designed for small and medium businesses looking for an easy-to-use but powerful phone solution.

We supply the phone service, you supply the phone. Simply provide your exisitng VoIP phones or purchase new ones through us, we will configure them for use and setup your businesses new phone system for success.

If you decide to cancel, you keep your phone and you can use it elsewhere.

Yes, most phone providers allow you to port your phone number to another provider. When you sign up, you’ll choose that you’d like to keep your phone number and we will provide you with next steps.

We do not lease or rent devices at this time. You can purchase devices through us, another provider or bring your own devices for use.

In addition to the cost of your devices, each phone’s subscription is $5/month. One subscription includes a dedicated out-bound and in-bound phone number as well as an internal extension. If you want E911 service, that’s an additional $2/month per phone number.

You pay 1 cent per minute billed at the end of each billing period.

There are no additional licensing costs or annual fees. You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for.

If you order phones through us, we will configure the devices for you and ship them to you.

You’ll just need an internet connection with either Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection available (depending on what the phone supports). We’ll include a handy guide on how to connect your device to the internet along with your shipment.

If you already own your phones we’ll email you your VoIP credentials to get your phone(s) connected to our service.

If you encounter any problems along the way, we’re here to help.

If you decide you no longer need the service, just let us know by any of our contact methods (E-Mail, Phone, LiveChat, Social Message or Mail) and we’ll stop your service at the end of your current billing period.

No cancellation fees.

When you activate service you’ll create an account within our Client Portal at This is where you’ll get invoices and you can save a credit/debit card on file for automatic payments.

You can also contact us via phone at 325-399-1700 to provide card details over the phone.

We generally do not accept checks, but if this is the only payment method you can use, please reach out to us.

Yes! Within your Client Portal at you can credit your account anywhere from $10 to $1,000. When it comes time to pay your bill, we’ll pay out of these credits first. Giving you peace of mind.

Client Area

View the frequently asked questions about using the client area portal.

The Client Area is your portal for managing your account. You can view your active services, request support, pay invoices and more.

You can access at

You can pre-pay by logging into your Client Area and navigating to Billing > Add Funds.

You can cancel an active subscription by logging into your Client Area and navigating to My Services > Selecting a Service > Request Cancellation.

Some services require a commitment to a certain timeframe and will charge an early-exit fee. Such as Website Design Plans.